30 September, 2016

The Occasional Boxes – September Review


Wooden flower key ring covered with tissue paper and decorated with sequins.

This month has been busy month for us.  Olivia is back at school and her after school clubs while I am catching all the work, I’ve missed from summer holidays.  Olivia only have Wednesdays  without an after school clubs.  I know, we will get back to our routine soon, that we will be able to do things we enjoy like crafts and activities as well as joining clubs.

The lovely people from The Occasional Boxes sent us our second craft box which is always a surprise for Olivia.  She loves opening the box and see what craft bits she gets and build up what she wants to do with it as you can only choose a theme, but no instruction supplied and that’s the best thing. It’s entirely your child imagination and creativity- the ideas are endless.


So what did we create with our craft box, you say?  We got a unicorn and princess box and for little girl like Olivia, it’s all about magic and she believes in them.  She choose to make a unicorn themed decoration for her bedroom. We have some old wooden frame that was perfect for her idea.  We covered it a white paper and stick our unicorn on.


We also printed a unicorn quote and a photo of Olivia to match the theme and stick some more decorations from the craft box.

Dream Jar


Because kids, dream big and always needs a touch of magic in some special way. We gather the rest of the things from the craft box to decorate a mason jar.  I helped Olivia with this one as we needed to use a hot glue gun to stick the rope around the jar.  We also used some craft bits from our craft drawers like laces and feathers to make a small dream catcher that we attached on the jar. No rules on this.  Just anything you fancy and some fairy lights inside the jar and you’re set.  Olivia has been writing some of her Christmas wish and put the jar already for father Christmas to read.

If you want to kick start your creativity with kids. Or some crafts for parties and special occasions, please check The Occasional Boxes WEBSITE .

Disclosure: I received this product for review purposes, however all opinions and photos are my own.

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    Oh wow! What gorgeous creations! You are both so talented. x

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