8 December, 2016

Magformers Construction Kit- Educational Value + Review

magformers uk review

October- half term, we went to London to see the Kidtropolis event. One of the brands that caught our attention is Magformers. It’s a hit as there so many people at their booth. All of them want to see this amazing magnetic construction toys.

We tried the Magformers 30 piece Construction Set which includes; 12 triangles and 18 squares with lovely colours.

This is one of those toys that, I can turn into a right kid in a playgroup pestering the other kids if I can have a go with their toys. It is literally like that!

Magformers have different sets to choose from depending on the age of the child. The 30 Piece construction set we got sent was a good starting kit to build something and the ideas are endless.  From constructing 3D shape objects to building your imaginations to life.  It’s a good investment to get the other sets as you go along.


This toy is  robust and made to last, something you will see in the attic in the coming years. Working and still of good form even when kids are all grown up. It’s not something you have to worry that it break and split.


It’s not the cheapest, but you’re paying for a good quality, educational and perfect for little builders.

Educational Value

This is a very intriguing toy. Apart from being able to make things, it brought in so many subjects to talk about and learn. The educational value is very high. Olivia asked what is magnet.  Since then, we have been learning about magnetism- the generation of magnetic force. The attraction of north pole to south pole up to why some magnet repel each other. That alone was an interesting subject to learn for a 5-year-old.

Olivia found out that her Margformers shapes stick on her whiteboard. I told her to try on the radiator and fridge. This then brought up a topic to add like; which materials attracted to magnets. Finding some things around the house to check which objects are attracted to magnets; paper clips, daddy’s belt buckle, jar lids, door handles and many more.

With some basic understanding of magnetism, Olivia find it more exciting to play with her Magformers set and getting more creative with it. She made a ball and I told her it’s like the earth.  That earth is a ginormous magnet. That the core of the earth is mostly made up with iron. I can talk about this for hours, but I will leave you with compass to explore the world of magnets. 🙂

magformers uk

Magformers in Action!

Disclosure: We received this product for review purposes, however all opinions and are my own.

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