5 June, 2016

Interplay Fairy Garden REVIEW

Interplay Fairy Garden REVIEW Interplay Fairy Garden Review

With us living near the woods, I was more than lucky enough when the lovely fairies at My Fairy Garden sent us the Fairy Garden to review.  That means, I can adopt it to our imaginative plays.  Olivia is always in the woods and the creek nearly every day as it’s her fairyland. And her believing in magic and fairies, this kind of toy will never go wrong.   Interplay’s My Fairy Garden range is made  to  encourages an  interaction with nature through play and of course, imagination.

When the box arrived,  I went to the woods just outside our back garden and put the box near a tree where we decorated with ribbons weeks ago.  When Olivia got home from school, I told her to check the fairyland.   She dashed off and was very happy to see what the fairies has left for her.  So girls, you know the game!  Be good so good things will come from the fairies.

my fairy garden review

Don’t forget your manners:  She saw some bugs flying around and said, it was the fairies and shouted “thank you, fairies” .

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At home, Olivia got change and started unboxing the the Fairy Garden box.  Please see it in action below as well as what’s included in the box:

A week after…

We have now our own real indoor Fairy Garden which now and again goes outside when Olivia is playing and of course, it needs some sunshine too. The mouse on the top the toadstool is hiding somewhere as the cat came in. Interplay Fairy Garden Review

We put the Fairy Garden on our step and Olivia suggested to put fairy lights inside (not included in the box)   the fairy house so it lights up during the night which, I think was a fantastic idea.  It did gives that magical look, right?


We’ve had so many time playing with the fairy garden which opens lots of imaginative play into Olivia’s own Fairy Land.  I liked the fact that she changed and add some toys in the garden too.

As you can see on the video above, everything is included except the soil.  There is an easy to follow instruction inside how to build your garden as well as the fairy cottage.  There are some stardust to sprinkle the magic and you’re good to go.  The recommended age is from 4 years and over but just remember to give your child a hand in building the fairy cottage if they are 4-5 years old- sure they want to try doing it themselves, just wait till they give up and ask your help.  Easy peasy, trust me.

Overall,  you can see how pleased Olivia with this super cute play set and is highly recommended.  Sure, you can make your own but, what you get in the box is well worth your £14.99.  It means, you don’t have to do special trips for extra things you’ll need. Also, perfect as birthday present or a treat for super good girls and boys.

Don’t forget to water your fairy garden, kids!

Disclaimer: I received this product for review purposes, however all opinions and are my own and Olivia.

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    oh this is just perfect for her!!! so cute that fairy garden… and so cute olivia!

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