29 November, 2016

Frosty Morning


Two weeks ago, it snowed but only on the top hills and we only got some hails. This morning though, we got up  with heavy frost on the ground – looking very wintery. Looking through the windows with beautiful scenery. Oh, I love frosty mornings.


Olivia and I had breakfast in bed, another cuddles then jump off the bed to get ready for school.   I let her go outside to play. She checked if the streams are frozen, but it didn’t; picked some frozen leaves and showed it to me.

It’s a big deal for me as mornings could be a little crazy sometimes. You know when you get up a little late, kids eating very slowly and maybe gone off playing instead of brushing their teeth and get dressed?  I’ve had those moments, but it’s not Olivia’s fault. It’s mine. Working or watching TV till late in the evening and end up getting too tired to get up in the morning. I have myself to blame really.

So, this time. I am trying my best to manage my time (which I am terrible at) and get up early. Appreciate a lovely morning and we have time for a little wander at the woods.  Start a lovely morning and have a lovely day rather than a stressy one. I will get there.

domesstique frosty-morning

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  • mirari

    we’re having heavy frosts in here too, like -10°C each morning, the fire’s working on permanence at home. but at least we can enjoy the sun in the noon 🙂 xx

    6 December, 2016 at 5:44 am Reply
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