30 November, 2016

Digital Detox with Punkt – Time to Log Off

Digital Detox with Punkt – Time to Log Off


Time to Log Off

Technology and internet is good, I must admit.  It makes things easier. Well, that if I compare it to the developing countries that I have been and lived.  I am talking about my technology experience here in the UK that technology has moved on so much and taking over almost of our day to day lives. We can do so much without seeing someone face to face or queuing in an office or establishments to make transactions ie; banking system, doctor’s appointment, shopping and that is only a few of so many uses of it.

I blog and I am constantly on a social media. I do my business through emails and phone calls. Being away from my home country, internet is a god send.  I can speak and see my family through internet and see what my friends are up to through social media. I shop online and even get my groceries online. Internet is part of my day to day life.

But, where does internet leads us with the people around us? You see the irony there? I can see and continue my good relationship with families and friends away from me but, how about the people around me? Internet could turn things into a different way. It could turn badly, but I am not in a good position to lecture about that. I am terrible myself.

So, I  collaborated with Time to Log Off and Punkt Project for two days Digital Detox challenge. I did the challenge last week- Friday 25-26th November 2016. This is a dry run for being offline for Christmas and Boxing Day.  Soak in that moment and spend time with family and people around you. Your presence is the present.

Digital Detox

Family time for me is very important.  I love doing things and being outdoors with Olivia. When husband is home, we sit and watch TV/movies and have a good laugh. BUT. There is a downside of me being a blogger too. As I mentioned above, I am constantly on my phone or laptop. You know the game.


My Digital Detox package arrived Friday morning which includes a new Punkt MP01 phone and some things that would give me something to do during those times when I am supposed to be online. Punkt MP01 phone is taking you back to basic, but with a funky looking phone. No  internet access. No camera and not even a snake game.
Living by the woodlands, our phone signal could be funny at times and Punkt Phone finally registered to the network like after lunch. No wifi calling. Just like the old days, you put your phone on the window sill to get a network to receive phone calls and text messages.

I was up for the challenge and even extend my digital detox until Monday mid-day.  I took Olivia to her Performing Arts club on Saturday while husband and I enjoyed a walk at the Christmas market. We had coffee with a proper conversation without me being rude checking my mobile phone’s notifications from social media.

Husband drove us down to the fishing port for a little wander and before we head home, we stopped at the city to see the Christmas lights. Same in the evening at home. I finally watched the whole movie with my husband without flicking through my phone.



Sunday, I grabbed my camera and took Olivia to the woods- braving the cold and did our home learning on our favourite spot.


your-presence-is-the-present-challenge time-to-log-off

Monday, I dropped Olivia at school and had a breakfast date with my husband before he goes off to work in London. I then went for a walk to burn some calories off.


I must say, it’s been a productive good two and a half day. Although, we normally go out and about on weekends, but this time is a lot more special. We spent time together without any disruptions. I also finished some of my DIY Christmas decor and made Olivia’s Advent Calendar. Internet and technologies are good when used properly and timely manner.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times that I feel like my hands are itching to grab my phone or go on my laptop, but by making yourself busy, it will get easy in the end. I felt refreshed and I realised how important it is for me as a blogger to schedule my blog posts and set a time when to go on social media. So, when everyone is home, it will be just spending time with them. Of course, there will be sneaky Pinteresting sometimes. Sshh 😉

Yes, we are moving forwards. The world is moving forwards with internet and technologies. Ask yourself if you need a Time To Log Off? I do.  I can only speak from my own experience. Now and again, I need a time away from it all where family time is all about socialising, have a laugh and making memories.

As for Christmas and Boxing Day, I think, it is safe for me to say that “Presence is the Present”. This will be our first Christmas that it’s just the three of us and I want it to be a memorable one. We will be seeing and Skype*ing everyone else before or after Christmas. See you then, Punkt MP01 phone.


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with Punkt Time and To Log Off .


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  • auntie shannel

    I love this article 😉 It is true we may find convenience in technology but we haven’t realized that there is so much we had to give in return. Like an unplugged time spent with our family and the things we love to do minus social media 😉 I have also been staying offline as much as I can and set time limit whenever I go online just to balance my time and maintain a healthy digital lifestyle. Thanks for sharing and I miss you girls. hugs and kisses!

    1 December, 2016 at 8:43 am Reply
  • mirari

    i think you don’t look to slow down or detox if you don’t feel overexposed to something. and i guess you felt like this… well, i don’t, i mean, i even don’t have a mobile phone!!!! (never had one) but sometimes i spend a whole day here in front of the computer 🙂 but it doesn’t last for long, the next day i’ll feel tired of the computer so i won’t even switch it on. but yes, there are so many thing to do outside… much more interesting than being in front of a computer. and look at that, your photos are amazing, i really love the place you’re living in!
    (i still don’t have your new address, we’re preparing christmas cards!!! don’t forget to e-mail me with your address!) xx

    6 December, 2016 at 5:54 am Reply
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    21 December, 2016 at 3:41 pm Reply
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