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1 March, 2017

Animal Families from Green Board Education

Animal Families from Green Board Education

green board education animal families

I am very proactive with regards to Olivia’s education.  She is growing fast and I always try that I can support her every step of the way. She goes to school as well as enjoying our home learning sessions and for this, I am always on the look out for teaching resources.  I was well happy when, I was asked to review the Animal Families card game from Green Board Education.

Game Card

  • 36 cards
  • 9 animal families ( mammals, reptiles, fish, amphibians, molluscs, arachnids, birds,crustaceans, insects)
  • 2 or more players

How To Play

This card game is perfect to teach animal classification, grouping, identifying vertebrates and invertebrates in a fun way like; snap, pairs, sorting activities and tree diagram work and of course using cards as flash cards.

brainbox animal family

How did we get on with our card game

Olivia and I enjoyed playing the card game, she can now identify vertebrates and invertebrates as well as grouping the cards into families. This game is covering 95% of Science and 5% of English but, I also find it helpful with my young reader. After we crack on the classification and grouping of animals, we then tried to read the name of each animals by covering the picture with my hand as well reading the animal families.

I also challenge Olivia with spelling games, I say the animal names and she writes them down on a paper. We also take turns, where she read out the animal names from the card she is holding while I write them down on the paper. Of course, I have to pretend that I don’t know how to spell other animal names and let her correct my spellings. Did you see what I did there? Not only she did read each animal name but, can also spell it. We also did some research of more animals to add to each groups and families.

Animal Families from Green Board Education

The card game can be used in so many ways to adopt on your way of teaching as well as having fun.  If you want to see more card games, do check out –HERE–

Last but not the least! I also have a pack of Card Game worth £10  for one lucky reader. Join in below DO check TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Good luck!

Animal Families from Green Board Education

Disclosure: We received this product for review purposes, however all opinions and photographs are my own.

13 February, 2017

My Fairy Garden Watering Can- Review

My Fairy Garden Watering Can Review

So what we have been up to? We have been a little busy with day to day life but this doesn’t mean we will stop blogging and bringing you toys we have been testing.

First stop this year.

My Fairy Garden Watering Can

Last year, we reviewed the My Fairy Garden which was one of Olivia’s favourite toys. You know kids this age right? Anything fairies and magic rocks their world. Of course, Fairy Garden is not complete without a watering can. More fairies. More magic and more beautiful imaginations is drawn.
My Fairy Garden Watering is the new addition to My Fairy Garden range. It’s a proper functioning watering can that sure every little one and not so little would love. Imagine a watering can that is a fairy house too? I am sure that people behind My Fairy Garden are ingenious. Bright beautiful colours with a removable fairy swing on top handle plus two super cute gardening tools. What’s not to love about that? The watering can is a sturdy plastic, it’s definitely won’t break or fall apart that quick and definitely not a one hit wonder toy that would end up in the corner.

As the weather is getting warmer, I can us more having fun gardening and Olivia can use her watering outside. At the moment, she is using it her My Fairy Garden which was flooded the first time Olivia had her watering can. As well as some flood on the carpet. Can you actually blame her of keep watering the fairy garden? No, right? It was fun, she said.

This watering can is available on Amazon for £12.99
Disclosure: We received this product for review purposes, however all opinions and are my own

13 December, 2016

Jord Cool and Unique Wood Watches – Review

I love watches.  It  keep me on track of my day to day activities.  All my watches have different stories, may it be a present from my parents, my husband or bought from our travels. Fast forward, technologies took over.  Everything is all about flicking fingers on your mobile phones. I rely to my mobile phone for time and everything.  As a blogger, I am guilty of charge.  My watches are hidden in a box sealed with their stories.

As much as much as I love my watches, I also want to move on to something unique. It’s been years that I am not wearing a watch- it has taken that long to find something unique that I know, I would want to wear every day.
Flicking on Instagram, I saw many people posting about their Jord Watch. A wood watch? How did I not come across them before? I feel so envious. I told my husband that there is this cool watch around, like properly giving him some hints for Christmas. You know that game, right?

But then, I couldn’t wait for Christmas. So, I teamed up with Jord to try one of their gorgeous pieces and bhoy did they impress me. So let’s talk cool watches, shall we?

The Unboxing

The Watch

I got the FRANKIE 35 series – Zebrawood & Navy – it’s love at first sight. If you could fit gorgeousness in a box, then that’s how I describe it. From the detailed wooden box, ultra slim case powered by Swiss movement up to the straight-line strap. What could I ask for? Beautifully crafted and ever so comfortable to wear. I also thought that wood watches are heavy, but it’s not. This one is light as a feather.

Jord Watch wood watches

Jord used Zebra wood for this watch – which is a luxury hardwood all the way from West Africa (Congo). The striking grain and contrast made the watch looks  smart and neat. Just perfect for any occasions and even for day to day use. The minimal look really got me, nothing too complicated, not too flashy with blings and all.

This piece made me wear watch every day again, that means I don’t have to rely on my mobile phone for the time. It’s hard to pick a fault on this as I love everything about it. Maybe, a little tool to include in your purchase to adjust the strap links is plus. But, of course this wouldn’t be a problem if you make  sure, you measure your wrist to the size you want.  Top Tip: Use your own tape measure to measure your wrist or make sure you print the Jord Printable ruler to 100 percent, NOT fit to page.

If you fancy a unique watch, then it’s way to go. Jord offers a wide selection; women’s watch and men’s watch. It’s worth your time to check them out.

For now, I am going to leave you with  $25 instant e-gift code while I this here and off I enjoy my cup of tea and mince pie.

Please –>CLICK HERE<–
*The e-gift code link will close 12/21 at 11:59pm. The $25 instant e-gift code will expire on 2/28/2017.

Jord wood watches review

Wooden Wristwatch

Disclosure: I received this beautiful watch in return for my honest review and opinion. However, all photographs and video are my own.

8 December, 2016

Magformers Construction Kit- Educational Value + Review

magformers uk review

October- half term, we went to London to see the Kidtropolis event. One of the brands that caught our attention is Magformers. It’s a hit as there so many people at their booth. All of them want to see this amazing magnetic construction toys.

We tried the Magformers 30 piece Construction Set which includes; 12 triangles and 18 squares with lovely colours.

This is one of those toys that, I can turn into a right kid in a playgroup pestering the other kids if I can have a go with their toys. It is literally like that!

Magformers have different sets to choose from depending on the age of the child. The 30 Piece construction set we got sent was a good starting kit to build something and the ideas are endless.  From constructing 3D shape objects to building your imaginations to life.  It’s a good investment to get the other sets as you go along.


This toy is  robust and made to last, something you will see in the attic in the coming years. Working and still of good form even when kids are all grown up. It’s not something you have to worry that it break and split.


It’s not the cheapest, but you’re paying for a good quality, educational and perfect for little builders.

Educational Value

This is a very intriguing toy. Apart from being able to make things, it brought in so many subjects to talk about and learn. The educational value is very high. Olivia asked what is magnet.  Since then, we have been learning about magnetism- the generation of magnetic force. The attraction of north pole to south pole up to why some magnet repel each other. That alone was an interesting subject to learn for a 5-year-old.

Olivia found out that her Margformers shapes stick on her whiteboard. I told her to try on the radiator and fridge. This then brought up a topic to add like; which materials attracted to magnets. Finding some things around the house to check which objects are attracted to magnets; paper clips, daddy’s belt buckle, jar lids, door handles and many more.

With some basic understanding of magnetism, Olivia find it more exciting to play with her Magformers set and getting more creative with it. She made a ball and I told her it’s like the earth.  That earth is a ginormous magnet. That the core of the earth is mostly made up with iron. I can talk about this for hours, but I will leave you with compass to explore the world of magnets. 🙂

magformers uk

Magformers in Action!

Disclosure: We received this product for review purposes, however all opinions and are my own.

23 November, 2016

Learning with 4M Kidz Labs Doorbell Making Kit

4M Kidz Labs Doorbell Making Kit

Olivia is off school today due to being unwell. It’s that day again that you’re stuck at home looking after a poorly child and outside is pouring down rain. It’s a tricky situation, right?  Thankfully, we have a Kidz Labs Doorbell Making Kit from Great Gizmos to try.

Again, this fiddly for a five-year-old. There are no bright colours that appeals their attention.  The screws are too small for her little fingers, but that’s the challenging part. From doing the GREAT GIZMOS MONEY SAFE BOX, Olivia has shown so much interest in making things and helping me examine on how they work.  Completely opposite to her normal arts and crafts activities.


Educational side

This is another toy that is suitable for eight years old and above.  As you notice with some of the toys that we get to review, I don’t really mind them as long I am doing it with Olivia.  With the Great Gizmos kid’s gadgets, I am more interested in educational side of it and doing it as an activity together.

The process of making the doorbell was exciting and I am even more into it. Olivia and I have learned the names of the parts of the kit. I came across with other terms before, but they tend to be forgotten as not being part of my daily life.  It’s nice to refresh and even learn new things.

We talked about electromagnetism as well as electric circuits and Olivia thinks it’s exciting. She learned some new words that maybe kids her age doesn’t know yet. I am sure that they have heard these words before, but just did not know what it means or maybe doesn’t interest them like:

  • coil
  • copper wire
  • electric circuit
  • electromagnetic
  • magnetic striker
  • screw
  • washer screw
  • washer

Integrating the kit into our learning much more exciting. It covers reading new tricky words and remembering  the spellings too. It covers Maths- counting the parts and most importantly is to follow instructions to make things work.

One inexpensive toy that you get to build it with your child.  They can actually use for their bedroom or playhouse. Simple as that without realising you’re making memories too.


Disclosure: We were sent this product for review purposes. However, all opinions, photographs and video are my own.

22 November, 2016

Great Gizmos Money Safe Box -Review

great gizmos money safe box

We set ourselves in a great challenge recently with Great Gizmos.

Great Gizmos offers a wide range of toys; from soft toys, educational, arts and crafts to outdoor toys. Party bags even. So, when they asked us to test one of their spy kits for kids –4M Spy Science Alarmed Safe Bank . The challenge is on! This toy is geared up for 8 years old and over, but; I honestly don’t see any reason not to have a go with it as long as I am doing it with her.

So mummy can’t take my money

Because, sometimes…mummy can’t help herself. Let’s admit it, we sometimes secretly take those coins that we gave our kids already, right? Well, I say “I’ll borrow it” but, can you count how much I’ve borrowed? I am glad there is no interest. Cheeky mums! Ha.

You have to build your own super secure money safe box by connecting a buzz alarm circuit and dial lock. Apart from a (AA) battery and a screw driver, your kit is ready for you to build. Pretty cool for kid’s gadget.
We do love our science activities, but connecting circuits is new for me and Olivia.  There is a simple to follow instructions included, but I still need some time to figure things out – (that’s typical for me anyway).

Olivia being only five years old, I was a little bit worried that this too much for her or that I must make more effort for her concentration to stay with the activity. I was surprised that it did turn out well, she is more than excited to see what is going to be the next part and how certain things works.

Connecting the alarm circuit and get it right the first time was so exciting – I couldn’t be more proud of ourselves. It might not be the easiest activity, but there is so much to learn. The process was fiddly for a five-year-old and even for a mummy, but when you like making things; you’ll find it really exciting. There is a feeling of accomplishment afterwards.


Do watch us in action, you’ll know what I mean. There is a little struggle, but that how things are, right?  Now, Olivia’s money is safe from the culprit! That’s the thing, I can’t borrow from her when she is around anyway. She did hide the key but, again I have the spare key and I know the pin number.

Good fun and cool piece of gadget!


Disclosure: We were sent this product for review purposes. However, all opinions, photographs and video are my own.

10 November, 2016

Dear Furby – Furby Connect Review

Dear Furby,


“To furb or not to furb. That’s the question.” – Furby

I would like to welcome you to our family.  You are my daughter’s first Furby. The closest Furby she got before was the one in a kiddy meal box from one popular food chain.  That was plain plastic and doesn’t do anything. This time, we got you.  A soft and fluffy Furby Connect Pink.

You’re very new to us, I’ve heard all about your previous family generation, but I never get to meet any of them.  Your big beady eyes got me.  I know you will be bringing lots of fun.  I heard, you’re chatty and funny- you’re a perfect match to Olivia.

After unboxing you, I put 4 x AA batteries to power you up and boy you went off talking like we know each other for ages. You came to life.  You spoke English mixed with Furbish language. Olivia and I burst with laughter.  High fives from another bilingual family.


Clever you

You are going on with the flow of electronic generation, enabled with Bluetooth to connect to tablets or smart phones. We get to hatch eggs and collect over 60 super cute Furby babies called Furblings in the app.  We help you look after them; pet, feed, clean and heal them when they are poorly to level up. You even narrate stories to your Furblings in the theatre. Olivia’s favourite was the My Little Pony one. Of course, every Furby Connect owner will put up taking you to the toilet and flush it for you. We don’t mind so, don’t worry.

Happy little chap you are. That’s Olivia thinks you’re a boy. Although you get scared sometimes, but you are always in for fun.  You like being tickled, lift upside down, you do a funny dance move too. But when your tail get pulled? We’re in for trouble! You’ll fart and say something like a sign of relief.  You occasionally burp too, this had us in stitches. You always say something in the end, I hope it means “pardon me“.  Let’s not forget our manners.

Sleepy head


The handy sleeping mask you brought with you is the coolest thing that Hasbro packed in your box. This means  that you’ll be sleeping when everybody else is sleeping and when we all want a quiet time. You call it “power nap”, then snore at the very beginning and off to your dream world.  We find it cute when we wake you up and you say “Woo! I dream about you” with Furbish accent.

Oh please, please

You got us, Furby.  You know that phrase you keep saying “To furb or not to Furb? That is the the question.”  The answer is to Furb. I don’t know exactly what you mean, but I hope it’s a good thing. We are Furb*ed and it is a good fun. If, I get to be asked one wish for Christmas, I would say Oh please, oh please Santa will give all the Furby fans a Furby Connect. 

Furby in Action



Disclosure: You were sent to us as a new addition in our world of toys for review purposes. However, all opinions and photographs are my own.

8 November, 2016

Spin Master Pottery Cool Studio – Review


If there is one thing, I am more than happy to explore with Olivia in arts and creativity world that is pottery.  Getting hands on clay, time; dedication and extra mile efforts to create a beautiful piece is way beyond incredible.

I was so thrilled when I was asked to review the Pottery Cool from Spin Master.  This 4 C (LR14) (1.5 V) alkaline battery operated little machine is the cool piece of kit. It includes some basic materials and tools that you need in making your first couple of pottery projects.

In the box

  • 4 clay disks
  • round and cone sleeves
  • round and cone core
  • tool holder/template pattern
  • turntable
  • spray bottle
  • pottery cool base
  • paints
  • coring and sculpting   tools
  • instruction guide for making your pottery projects



The guide is for you to make your first pottery projects like; jewellery holder, smart phone speaker, cupcake pencil holder, puppy picture holder and turtle dish.
This Pottery Cool studio is for six years old and above. Olivia is only five, but I did not give it to her to play on her own, we played and  doing it as family as her daddy was helping us too.


Olivia wanted to do the jewellery holder, turtle dish and a jug. As you can our turtle dish has a crack while others are not as smooth, it’s a learning process and we’re still very proud of our first projects. Olivia did a lot or work for it too.

What I think


You don’t expect it to make a proper big pottery project as it’s only a toy.  It’s the experience and process that draws me in. Olivia and I loves anything arts and creativity and this one is right up our street.  The feeling of  making your hands messy on the clay and make something unique, something you mould and create is just amazing. Olivia loves it that much that she asked not to go to school so we can do more and paint her pottery projects, but of course she has to wait till she gets home from school.

I am more than happy to say not to give this a  miss for Christmas time, I am sure someone will be happy to see this under the Christmas tree. Pottery Cool Studio is very popular at the moment and it is mostly sold out in other shops,  if you’re quick enough, Tesco Direct has them.

Olivia with Pottery Cool Studio in Action

Disclosure: We were provided with this product for review purposes. However, all opinions and photographs are my own.

4 November, 2016

Boohoo Kidswear Launch : Review

Boohoo Kidswear Launch : Review


Fashion wise, it’s like an adventure – going though different brands to try which suits you and your personality. From quality, styles, cost and of course shopping experience; customer service, delivery and customer friendly website or the lay out of the shops. These matters.

One of the clothing companies that’s right up our street is Boohoo -one of the UK’s largest online, own brand fashion retailers. Since, I moved here in the UK, I have had a good number of purchases from Boohoo without any problem. Clothes are always trendy, reasonable prices and prompt delivery.  I couldn’t be more excited when Boohoo launched their kids wear, I am sure they will be as great.

We were credited on our Boohoo account to pick some clothes for Olivia.  We sat together and I let her choose the clothes she wants. Olivia being five, I tend to give her some freedom to pick and choose clothing she wants within reason.

I think, she has been reasonable with her picks. She is tiny for a five-year-old so, some of the clothes looks big on her. The Pinafore Dress and Tee Set is too long for her, but there’s nothing mummy can’t fix, right? The colours are perfect for autumn and winter.  The Boohoo kids range, brings out the character look in a trendy way.

Ribbed Stripe Cold Shoulder Midi Dress


Stripe Ribbed Long Sleeve Top


Pinafore Dress & Tee Set

boohoo kids
boohoo kids review

Star Foil Hooded Sweat Dress

boohookids-review Boohoo Kidswear Launch : Review

 First, I was a little surprise of how grown up Olivia looks.  It’s a complete different styles of what she normally wear.  But, she is a big girl now, dressing up like a five year old. She is happy with her picks and so am I.

Would I recommend Boohoo kids wear, you say?  Check their user friendly website for some awesomeness!

Disclousure: My Boohoo account was credited for Olivia to pick some clothes. However, all opinions and photographs are my own.

2 November, 2016

Brightlings – Review

Brightlings toy from Spin Master

brightlings toy

Here’s another Spin Master  toy that, I think would go down well on Santa’s Sleigh for Christmas.  It’s an interactive plush toy that repeats what you say, sing and say over 100 words. The more you play with it the phrases will be unlocked, like placing her in new positions.


Brightlings toy features three different modes: Music, Record and Play. Music has: pop, rock, jazz, opera, yodel, and beat box.  The record feature repeats anything you say.  It changes her pitch by tilting her from side to side. You can’t miss the  animated facial expressions too as the face lights up and the mouth looks like it’s  moving when she talks.

brightlings doll review


You can’t knock the Brightlings looks.  She’s a super cute plush toy. We have the purple and pink colour with a very trendy look.  Olivia loves it.  She was more impressed when she pressed the hands which activates the modes.  I have attached a video below for her impression and review.

We have Brightlings for two weeks now, Olivia have had a good fun playing with it.  She calls it “Bright Brightlings”, being the only child in the house, she enjoys interactive toys- like any kids do. We haven’t unlocked all the words and phrases yet, but every new word we hear is a little surprise which invites more play time.

Brightlings  requires 3 AAA batteries which is included and that’s a thumbs up for me not having to chase around looking for batteries that tend to go its wanders all the time or the small screw drivers to open the other toys to take batteries out! It happens, right?

The doll’s size is also reasonable, not too big or too small. It fits perfectly in a normal size kid’s back pack when out and about and not too bulky carrying it around for walks.

Most of us parents are aware of toys that repeats what you say, some cannot bare the noise. I am one for other toys, but I am more forgiving for Brightlings.  Her voice is not annoying. You can’t adjust the volume, but it doesn’t matter as it’s not very loud anyway and much more friendly and sweet voice.  At the end of the day, Olivia is having fun with it and that’s what  matter for me.

I find it helpful too when Olivia is in a moody fit. You know that time when  they are in a proper mood and hard to cheer them up?  I get Brightlings to say some silly words to change that moody fit to a right laughing fit!


Brightlings in action

Spin Master did a good job for this. Brightlings is definitely a very enjoyable toy and I would highly recommend if to Santa’s list. I have included an Amazon link below:

Disclosure: We received this product for review purposes, however all opinions and are my own.