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Summer Crafts for Kids

30 August, 2015

Egyptian theme Play

Egyptian theme Play

As summer is a tad bit short, we tried our best to get busy and do little things with Olivia.  She loves dressing up so we grab little scraps from tissue roll, old jeans, old white material and lots and lots of glitters to make her Egyptian costume and accessories. It’s safe to say that she loves it.

egyptian crafts DSCF5779 DSCF5780 DSCF5811 DSCF5889 DSCF5903 DSCF5917

30 July, 2015

The Blooming Paper Flower Experiment

The Blooming Paper Flower Experiment

the blooming paper flower experiment

Yep, I know summer is here somewhere. The time of the year where we play with water under the sun but, this past couple of days we get less sun and a lot of water from above- The Rain. Whilst it’s too chilly to go out and play in the rain, we stayed inside the house, keep warm and still play with water to amuse the boss toddler. So we did the blooming paper experiment.

We used magazine pages for our flowers, cut them using a flower template as a guide. For your convenience, just save and print the flower template below. Just adjust the size on how big or small your flowers will be but, it should be fine just as it is.  Fold each petals over lapping each other (see video below).  Put some water in a bowl and unfold the fun! flower template png file


Place your flower on the water and see the paper flower blooming.

blooming paper flower experiment

The paper  are forced to unfold when the paper absorbs the water as  it swells along the creases of the folded petal.

Try different types of paper. Or maybe colour or paint your flowers with a picture or lovely message inside?

See it in action!

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23 July, 2015

Alphabet Fishing Activity

Day 4: 20 July 2015  Summer Holiday Activity Diary
Alphabet Fishing activity

It’s been raining -we’re stuck inside the house as it is a too chilly to run and dance in the rain.  We are trying our best to stay away from the TV and tablets and to be honest, we did well so far.

Olivia wants to go fishing and of course we, we can’t go fishing in the rain BUT, we can in our bathtub- alphabet fishing activity. I put some water in the bath, added a few drops of blue food colouring and mixed it.  I took the magnetic alphabets from Olivia’s LeapFrog Fridge Phonics  and put them in the bath to act the fishes.  You can of course use any magnetic alphabets. We get a stick and tie a string and a piece of screw as the fishing rod.  The rest is FUN- loads of it and we’re happy with our catch as we read them phonetically and give a word that start with the letter we get.

alphabet fishing activity

magnetic alphabet fishing

magnetic alphabet fishing in the bathtub bathtub activities for kids


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7 July, 2015

Nature Play

Outdoor activities for kids

As technology is rather speeding up in taking our children’s attention-what’s not to love about that? Tablets and game consoles for back up when there’s some house chores that needed to be done and when you need some peace and put your feet up?  Raise your hand if we’re riding the same boat.  Good.  I feel better now.  Let’s not forget the limitations though but, I am not going into details as I am nowhere as close for being an expert in parenting.

We do love our crafts and activities that’s why we’re here, right?  Summer is the perfect time to max out kids time outdoors and connect with nature…game consoles off and screens off.  Sun cream on!

nature play outdoor games for kids

When the weather is lovely,  I knew for a fact that we have to make the best out of it as it can  change pretty much quicker than we thought.  We’ve spent more time outdoors and one of our favourite summer outdoor activity for kids is nature play.  Very simple and nothing fancy.  Just pure fun and sure enough, you can cook dinner peacefully.  outdoor games outside activities for kids I let Olivia to pick up some flowers in the garden.  I set her table and  bowl with water in it.  She then put the flowers in it said, she going to make a perfume for me.  I gave her some glitters to mix with her perfume mixture.   She picked up some sticks  to use as a stirrer.  The oooohs and aaaahs is expected.  They just looked so pretty.  

no cost summer activities for toddlers outdoor activity idea for kids She asked for another bowl, scissors, beads and food colouring  for her purple mixture  and the fun went on up until she asked for an extra time to play and go to bed and hour later.  outdoor crafts for kids outdoor fun for kids outdoor summer activities for toddlers summer activities for kids summer play for toddlers outdoor activities for kids

22 June, 2015

DIY Piggy Banks

money bank So, we’ve got an empty Cadbury tub and I am in a habit of hmmm craft material … always thinking of what can we do with it before chucking them in the grey bin.  First thing that came up in my mind is piggy banks or money bank for Olivia.  I thought,  it would be great to teach her how to save some pennies for an adventure fund or Christmas shopping fund.  I asked her if she would want to help me make a piggy bank for her and she is well up for it.

piggy banks

money banks First, I cleaned the tub and peeled the labels off.

piggy banks for kids Olivia’s part is putting the glue on the tub. We used Mod Podge 16 oz Matte Finish Coat, Multi-Colour – it’s my new craft best friend as it seals and make the project more durable.  Plus, I can use it with papers and fabric.

Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon affiliate links, which means I receive a small amount if you make a purchase using this link.

I then, stick the felt sheet to cover the tub, we let it dry and I decorate it with lace and ribbon and some bits from our craft box.  I super glued the lead of the tub, just in case I will be so tempted to take some of Olivia’s money to buy some sweets.  I don’t trust myself when it comes to that matter.
I turned it upside down and used a knife to cut a hole to put in the coins in.

diy piggy banks

#ToddlerApprovedTuesdayMini Creations
17 June, 2015

Tesco Go Create Friendship Bracelet

Tesco Go Create Friendship Bracelet

Summer is finally here and what could be more fun than crafting in the garden. Ha!  This time, we dig in to our backup craft box- where I put the craft sets that are ready to make when, I am not feeling good to gather all the materials needed and also that moment when, I can’t think of anything to do that fits the mood.

We have a Tesco Go Create Friendship Bracelet which we bought for £1.50.  We sat on our trampoline to do the  bracelet and Olivia had so much fun doing them.  There is no glue included in the box so, I decided to use my Mod Podge to give it more of durability and to seal the colours and so it will look shiny too.  Well, that’s what I thought but NOPE! It did look shiny but,  had we used normal Elmers glue, they would still come out the the same and the decorations will still come off.  Maybe, if I used super glue, it would have stick but that would that will defeat the object and purpose “for toddlers crafts”.

Olivia did had fun though but some of the decorations are scattered on the floor now and some are nowhere to be found. Eeeek.
DSCF3645 DSCF3650 DSCF3651 friendship bracelets go create friendship bracelets tesco go create frienship bracelets tesco go create

Mini Creations
13 May, 2015

Painting heart shaped box


I picked up Olivia from the pre-school today and we went straight to the park for a picnic and some painting activity. I have to admit that, I am not in my best shape today after a very long day at Alton Towers yesterday but, the thought of Olivia that is going to the primary school in September had me in panic.  It means that we will get less time together so, I am aiming to do more things with her …more than we used to do, blogged or not.

I got a heart shaped box craft set from Wilko for Olivia to paint.  She can be your best mate when it comes to these things, we spent hours at the park painting, playing and talking about the pink unicorn and the purple dragon.
We also had a lovely weather today, we had so much fun under the sun and that we didn’t get home till 3:00 in the afternoon.

DSCF2201 DSCF2205 DSCF2206 DSCF2216 DSCF2218 DSCF2219 DSCF2223 DSCF2226 DSCF2230 DSCF2233 DSCF2238

We also picked up some daisies and put glitters on them,
DSCF2257 DSCF2258 DSCF2259 DSCF2264

Mini Creations
17 April, 2015

Seashells and Pebbles on Canvas

20150417_144333 Hiya everyone!  It’s been busy over domesstique’s this past couple of days as we have been pouring our hearts learning Filipino language and dialects.  The Boss Toddler have been really good at it although, there are some words that would crack her up- she thinks it’s a ludicrous alien words. But, we are getting there…slowly and having fun along the way.

Of course, we didn’t abandon our ever so dear crafting table- we’re back painting. Yay!

We grab a canvas, prepared some paints and let the Boss Toddler do the job.  I only gave her some blue, green and yellow colours and it’s up to her however she wanted it to be. The idea is to stick some pebbles and seashells on the canvas after she had painted it.  Can you tell we can’t wait for summer?


Mini Creations
9 August, 2014

No boring summer days?

Erm…really? Yes, yes, yes! The Little Miss has been favourably helpful in making the summer holiday into something doozie. I always try to make her busy with crafts and activities but, there are times that she needs her own time and space and go with the flow of her imagination. I respect that. I really do.

Not when she’s quite, you know something is going on like, she got hold of my wool trying to connect every part of her room and I spent quarter of an hour undoing them.

Not, when she change her clothes and goose knows how many times a day and leave poor zebra family lying on the floor like they are being murdered and she thinks being clever when I have a go at her by saying “I can you kiss you, so will be happy…can you be happy now?” What can I do, ha?!


On the bright side, we still manage to be at least smooth and steady by doing some activities that we both enjoy.
Here are some activities that we did:

Painting stones: We use poster paint mixed with blob of PVA glue. A coat of varnish will help to seal it up. We did some mushrooms and lady birds and they end up in our little garden.

Looking for shapes and patterns of clouds. Good fun!

Leaf crown: Super easy to make. I let, Olivia to stick some leaves on the ribbon and she loves how it turns out. She’s been wearing it the whole afternoon and well proud of what she did.

Jenny Matlock

7 August, 2014

Minis play date activities

Summer has been good and fun so far but, even how much fun that is, our little ones still miss their school friends. Olivia has been asking when is she going back to school, it’s only been two weeks and it’s like forever for her. Every day, I try to do crafts and activities with her…play with her. We do make a good team and good playmates but, I am too big to fly with her to fairyland and I am too loud and freak for her secret club. I don’t even know the password for her secret mission.

To the rescue, Oscar (the cousin) is here for a play date. He is definitely not flying to fairy land and he thinks that the password for the secret mission is “monster cars”, which is not. Only, Livi knows which I reckon it’s “mummy is such a nag”. Before The Little Miss will ask Oscar to brush barbie’s hair, I need to set up some simple activities for them.

I started off setting up a tent in the trampoline
– it didn’t last long because, Olivia is starting to set up her tea set. I took the trampoline down and put in garden (took the tea set away) and they converted it to a shop. Then, they played in the trampoline so Oscar won’t think too much about the hundred million pounds he owed for a cup of sand and adopting a snail.

The second activity was the Sand Volcano-a must do!

They can’t help being silly at all.

After lunch, they had some serious fun painting. I set up a place where then can paint all they want and the result leads to a good bath and some ice-cream for chilling time.

I turned them into magicians until I’ve ran out of pepper! 20140728_144421

To end the fun day, stacking cups will do the trick for some quite time before they say goodbye to each other which none of them wants to do so. Who wants to end a good and fun day, aye?
20140728_152630 Thank you, Oscar for a day spent with us! You have been awesome.