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23 December, 2016

Sleep tight on Christmas Eve, Kids!

Sleep tight on Christmas Eve, Kids!

Every bite of mince pies and sip of mulled wine tells you that Christmas is so close. Two more sleeps to the big day. Talking of sleep, it could be a tricky situation to most parents.  Some kids, struggle to sleep on Christmas eve due to over excitement for the Christmas morning. Can’t wait what Santa has left for them under the Christmas tree! You hear all those stories.

In the previous years, I always try my best to spend time with Olivia with our Christmas activities. It is important for me that she understand what Christmas is all about and feel the festive spirit. We do some activities until Christmas eve.

On Christmas Eve, we always watch a Christmas film and have a picnic by the Christmas tree. I then take her to her bedroom and read her some Christmas books in the dark and just use a torch to read to simmer down for bedtime.

Bedtime has never been a problem for Olivia.  Maybe she was too little by then? Or maybe she is just a right sleepy head. This year, Olivia is five-year-old and she understands everything about Christmas.  She has been good and she knows that there will be presents under the tree when she gets up in the morning. I don’t know if this will be the time that she will struggle to sleep? Or keep getting up for “is it morning yet” question? Go downstairs to check if Santa has been? Probably. She has been counting days, you see. But, I will not risk it.

Bedz R us

The Gift

This year,  Bedz R Us  sent us some lovely and handy gift packs for Olivia to help her drift off to the land of nod. It contains:

  • onesies – super comfy with Christmas feels.
  • a book -The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas- I had a sneak peek and I love this book already. I am sure Olivia will be over the moon with it.
  • a DVD – Paw Patrol – Pups Save Christmas – I haven’t seen this yet, but I am sure a Paw Patrol fan here will adore this movie.
  • Warmies Heatable Soft Toys- Have this ready if it gets too cold and if not, it’s a nice reindeer plush toy for her to sleep with.
  • Santa slipper socks- oh this is so cute. Her first ever Santa slipper socks.
  • Reindeer food- to sprinkle outside before bedtime, make sure they will stop outside.

I am sure Olivia is now set for Christmas eve, sprinkled with with fun and magic. Simple things like these counts BIG in building memories.

10 December, 2015

Fairy wings hunting

Sycamore seeds fairy wings

fairy wings

Little by little, we are trying to do something with our advent activity.  If not doing some Christmas crafts, we do try to have a wander outdoors and this time, we were at our yard where the husband use it as workshop as well as our warehouse.  Good news is, there’s a dedicated place for me and Olivia to do something over the weekend and to hide away from  the rest of the world.  We are  tucked in somewhere nice and quiet- just us…building memories.

sycamore seeds sycamore

 After weeks and weeks of cleaning the place,  I finally put up things together for Olivia’s play room.  The ideas and imagination is endless but, what I am happy about is the big field we got,  all to ourselves and Olivia once again, call this place  her fairyland and she could be right.  Sycamore tree made that real, the seeds makes  the little girls believe in magic, that there’s actually fairies and left some wings for her to pick up and play.  Fairies sharing their wings, can you believe it?  You better be. 🙂

DSCF2410 DSCF2412 DSCF2414 DSCF2428 DSCF2444

We also picked up some pine cones for  Christmas decorations and crafts and for now, we are working on some glittery fairy wings.  Watch this space!  DSCF2446 DSCF2449 DSCF2462

Life Unexpected

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

29 October, 2015

Dreaming of my family in one place for Christmas at Coombe Mill

For years husband and I didn’t celebrate Christmas together as we were living in a Buddhist country.  The spirit is not the same, I suppose.
Olivia came and we had our first Christmas as a family.  No excuses.  My husband, cooked for our first Christmas dinner, a very hard roast chicken and burnt yorkshire pudding.  I got a necklace and I got him a pack of Haribo.  Yes, really.

Second Christmas, I thought, I will be on my own as Olivia and husband were here in England but they’ve surprised me.  They came back and we celebrate it in my apartment room.  We were sitting on top of the bed sharing a bowl of my first Sugar Puffs and some treats my husband brought  and yes, my first Dr Pepper.  I was happy and emotional to see them after four months of miles and miles away from each other.

Third and fourth Christmas was celebrated here in England with my hubby’s ever so welcoming family.  I honestly didn’t know what to do aside from doing crafts and writing Christmas cards.  The foods and traditions are not the same from where I came from. It’s something new to me.
As,  I am making my way into blogging,  I started to know more UK bloggers and how brilliant they are… I learned a lot.  My best and most  inspiring is Coombe Mill– a perfect haven for families to get away from hustle and bustle in the cities.  I love all their farm and outdoor activities as well as  their brilliant creativity.  Such a perfect way to spend time with family.  I am also a huge fan of their Country Kids linky which inspire me more to do outdoor activities with Olivia.

Then, I started to wish…


Credit to my little artist- Olivia <3

Christmas at Coombe Mill
…that I could fix the little family behind the blog.  I wish that my little family will be in the same place for Christmas…build relationship and be  a part of each other’s lives again.  I do believe that Christmas is more beautiful and meaningful with family.  I may not be able to spend this Christmas with my son, Alec and I know, I can’t fix everything in one go.  I am working and hoping that no one will be missing another Christmas and less heavy hearts.  I couldn’t think of anywhere else to bring some magic in but Coombe Mill.  The Christmas activities at Coombe Mill are amazing and does make happy hearts.
P.S. I am working on the process of seeing Alec soon.

…to do more good outdoor fun at the farm… maybe ride a real tractor  (so, we’ve got digger photo only ;)) ? But, definitely the Coombe Mill train.


…to feed farm animals instead to running away from them thinking they would bite. These photos was our first and the closest we get to lamb and sheep at our friend’s neighbour in Cornwall.

…that we could actually feed a real reindeer aside from sprinkling glitters and anything we could find in the kitchen.

Making some #reindeer sprinkles 😉 A photo posted by domesstique (@domesstique) on

…to make some Christmas decorations/ crafts with Coombe Mill’s creative family.

Old cards on #burlap ornaments. #hessian #craft #craftypimp #oldcards #recycling

A photo posted by domesstique (@domesstique) on

…to see farmer Nick  as Santa. Dream come true for little ones.

…to sing by the Christmas tree after decorating it

Day 11 Advent Activity : Sing some Christmas songs 😉 full video up on the blog. X

A video posted by domesstique (@domesstique) on

…to get cozy in one of Coombe Mill cottage or Scandinavian lodge and read Christmas stories by the Christmas tree after a good outdoor fun at the farm and magical places of Coombe Mill.

#MySundayPhoto Linking up with @onedad3girls A photo posted by domesstique (@domesstique) on

I might be asking too much for this Christmas but, I am still that little girl in me wishing and believes in magic.

This is my entry to win Christmas 2015 at Coombe Mill

Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

24 December, 2014

21-23 December 2014-Advent Bells


21 December 2014

Sliced oranges Christmas ornament

As Christmas is getting really closer, blogging seems albeit getting less salient. As much as I want to share our  activities but, we have been busy running for some last minute Christmas shopping, spending some time with families  and of course, just sit back and soak in the festive season.

We have been doing some activities with the Little Miss and she is well into it.  She can’t hang the fire!  Every morning is “is it Christmas yet?”ugh that question!  Her excitement is very contagious, I can’t wait too.

So, let us keep this short.  Here are some of the activities we’ve done recently.  Some of the photos might be familiar to you if you’re following me on Instagram and Twitter.

Have a lovely Christmas, everyone! xx

sliced oranges ornament 22 December 2013

  • Indoor camping
  • Marshmallows smores with a candle




23 December 2014

Read Christmas stories with a torch



Do you have any Advent/Christmas crafts or activities that you want to share?  You can link up below so I can visit your post.  This will run until the 25th of December 2014.  I hope to see ’round here. 🙂


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20 December, 2014

Reindeer Antlers Headband- Advent Bells #20

19 December 2014

  • Old card Christmas lantern craft

old cards crafts

Yesterday, we didn’t get to blog our crafts and activities as we have been invited to a birthday party. But before we went, we dig some of our collected old cards to make a house craft that turn into a village store. Don’t ask me how to make it though.  I can’t show a steps of how to do it, my apologies. I’m sure you can figure it out, mine wasn’t perfect either.  I just cut and use a hot glue to stick them together to make a house like shape then put some fairy/ Christmas lights inside for a lantern effect.

Peanut Butter Cookies

Christmas cookies

Olivia and I got into the second round of making some cookies that at least Santa could have when he come around to drop some Christmas presents. It does help when you read the recipe and instructions. Ha!
Bhoy, if you’re into peanut butter cookies, you should try this recipe from Bakergirl ! These cookies taste really good, the fact that it has a toddler’s personal touch to it? Makes it even more perfect. We even proudly gave some as birthday present.

20 December 2014

  • Reindeer Antlers Headband
  • Picnic next to the Christmas tree

Reindeer Antlers Headband

The Little Miss is not very well today but crafts never fails to make her feel better. We did two reindeer antlers headband. For the first headband, I used cereal box and Olivia painted it brown and we stick it onto an old headband. If you want to give it a go, check out the template from Kizclub.

reindeer headband 20141220_124728 20141220_124835 The second headband is made out of pipe cleaners and Olivia’s favourite headband. Just form it into shape like shown on the picture below and you’re set! 😉


We also had a lovely picnic next to the Christmas tree.  20141220_134201

Do you have any Advent/Christmas crafts or activities that you want to share?  You can link up below so I can visit your post.  This will run until the 25th of December 2014.  I hope to see ’round here. 🙂


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18 December, 2014

Christmas cookie-Advent Bells #18

17th December 2014

We didn’t do anything yesterday as it was Olivia’s nativity play at Preschool and also her granny’s birthday. It was a busy and fun day already so we skip the activity assigned for that day.

18 December 2014

  • Bake Christmas cookies
  • Camping next to the Christmas tree

As it’s the first day of Christmas holidays, I’ve got the Little Miss all by myself all day and the mission is to make ourselves busy to avoid some squabbles.  First, I did her hair as per request.

IMG_20141218_110359 Christmas cookies

Yes. That’s the plan. CHRISTMAS COOKIES.  Keep the Christmas spirit on and make some treats for families and lovely neighbours.  But, me and baking? Taking recipe off Pinterest!  Cookies that turned my entire life in one day into a complete fiasco.  I dragged my daughter into this but it only gives her a blow of disappointment.  Our cookies are too briny like a seabed.  Epic dud!


The sham! It did look like a proper cookie.

Anyway,  buckle under is not my thing at the moment.  I am going to give the right taste of cookies to the Little Miss.  We are going to give it another go tomorrow.  Fingers crossed even if I cut myself earlier from taking the dough out from food processor without taking the blade.  See that Santa cookie?  He looks like he wants to give me a slap. *Sob*

To salve the stress,  I let the Little Miss have a little camping next to the Christmas tree and read some Christmas stories.

Do you have any Advent/Christmas crafts or activities that you want to share?  You can link up below so I can visit your post.  This will run until the 25th of December 2014.  I hope to see ’round here. 🙂


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17 December, 2014

Old cards ornaments- Advent Bells #16


Old cards ornament

Today’s craft is making some ornaments out of old cards.  There are tons of ideas out there but I’ve chosen these so that the Little Miss can do them too.  I’ve saved so many cards from last year for craft purposes.  I’ve cut out shapes from the cards so Olivia can stick them onto our stiffen burlaps/hessian.  And yay!  They turn out well.  The Little Miss then happy to put them up on our Christmas tree which is holding so many hand made with toddler’s touch ornaments.


Also,  I have made hearts ornaments for Olivia’s teacher at the preschool. All the materials are  stiffen to hold itself up when used or being up on the Christmas tree.


Do you have any Advent/Christmas crafts or activities that you want to share?  You can link up below so I can visit your post.  This will run until the 25th of December 2014.  I hope to see ’round here. 🙂


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15 December, 2014

Baby Jesus Craft

13th December 2014

  • Baby Jesus Craft
  • Film date with hubby
  • Sing- Away in a manger song

Look who is back? I know,  I haven’t been able to blog about our Advent Activity for the  13th &14th.  We actually did our  craft but I haven’t been near my computer as I was in a close shave of husband having a protest as our  Christmas tradition has been dragged a little bit. Since, I’ve met the Tickle Monster (hubby) we have been into watching cheeky  Christmas films and Love Actually has to be done every Christmas.  Has to be done.  Feet up like, some wine and just let the evening roll!

Baby Jesus craft
baby Jesus craft

Of course!  Baby Jesus needs a lullaby too, right?  Let the Little Miss do the job.

13th December 2014

  • Wrap some Christmas presents
  • Read the Christmas Pageant Book
  • Make some hand crafted cards

We were gonna be making hand crafted cards but the Little Miss gone cray cray with making her own snow flakes. Yaaas! They were everywhere, pole to pole! I just let her get on with it as she thinks she’s in Arendelle.  Not for me! (sob)



Christmas Pageant

The re-telling of the Nativity in this book is brilliant. It made it easy for the little ones to understand the story.


Presents for the Little Miss is now sorted and safely hidden for Christmas. 🙂

15 December 2013

  • Jingle Bells

I did not assign some sort of crafts for today knowing that I will be doing to some crafts for my Etsy shop. Olivia was pre-painting for the crafts for  tomorrow.


Jingle Bells, anyone?

Do you have any Advent/Christmas crafts or activities that you want to share?  You can link up below so I can visit your post.  This will run until the 25th of December 2014.  I hope to see ’round here. 🙂


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12 December, 2014

Watch the movie Elf- Advent Bells #12

12 December 2014

  • Watch the movie Elf

We have been enjoying the family curl up under the Christmas tree almost every night.  Our favourite spot. Tonight was more fun with Buddy, Santa and Papa Elf.  Yaaaas!  I am talking about the Elf  (2003) movie.  It is a family and heartwarming holiday movie.  The Christmas spirit at the ending will get you teary eyed.


Google Image


Earlier today…

We have been out and about again to see some more Christmas spirits in the neighbouring towns and a little bit of shopping for presents for the Little Miss and of course  hubby’s secret wanders to buy surprises for the misis. Yay!  I will be treasure hunting for that as I don’t know where in the house he’s been keeping his those.

20141212_155047 20141212_162549

Do you have any Advent/Christmas crafts or activities that you want to share?  You can link up below so I can visit your post.  This will run until the 25th of December 2014.  I hope to see ’round here. 🙂


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11 December, 2014

Rockin’ some Christmas songs-Advent Bells #9

Okay!  We are not some sort of a rock stars but today’s advent activity is set to singing some Christmas songs by the Christmas tree and our best is from Livi when she allows me to record her singing “WHEN SANTA GOT STUCK UP THE CHIMNEY“.


When Santa got stuck up the chimney, He began to shout,
You girls and boys, Won’t get any toys, If you don’t pull me out.
There’s soot on my back,
And my beard is all black, My nose is tickling too.!
When Santa got stuck up the chimney, Achoo, Achoo, Achoo.

Do you have any Advent/Christmas crafts or activities that you want to share?  You can link up below so I can visit your post.  This will run until the 25th of December 2014.  I hope to see ’round here. 🙂


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