20 August, 2015

CAT Active Urban Rugged Case for iPad Review

CAT Active Urban Rugged Case for iPad Review

Yep lovelies! It’s CAT Caterpillar Active Urban Case Cover for iPad 2/3/4 – that’s what I am going to review today. ” Why” you say?  I am a girly girl, not working in super “active” environment  and I love my pinks and purple. So why the black urban rugged case? Because, I have a toddler-that explains it all. Mummy needs a hard case for gadgets.  Oh plus the husband and you know what men are like with the gadgets right? Not just them but, I could be clumsy too. Ummm rephrase… I am clumsy too.

CAT Caterpillar Active Urban Case Cover for iPad 234 This case is a game changer, as is offers robust protection. It is well engineered and the sides are anodised, it means there is a light coat process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts as well as impact resistant SAIF material.

Something we don’t get from other cases is the shock absorbent properties used in SAIF motorbike personal protective equipment- it’s up to 1. 2 meters in height drops protection.  As we all know CAT, Durable and high quality material is always expected and of course if you love your brands and labels- this one is to go.

CAT Caterpillar Active Urban Case

When you look at the case, you think it’s heavy but, it’s not.  I does look neat.  I love the texture on the back which gives you more grip on your device.

My boss toddler have her own tablet but it never stops her borrowing mine. The best I can do is to protect it- it’s a mummy blogger gem. 😉  I love it and I don’t  mind if I don’t get the girly girl colour as it does what exactly what is says on the box.

Now, mummy is worried no more if  boss toddler will borrow my iPad.

Check out the fitting in action as this was my very question when I received the case.  I thought, I am going to buy/use small screw driver to unscrew the metal bits on the side of the case. (boo me) I’ts not as hard as I thought.

You can get this case –>HERE<– OR CLICK THE CAT LOGO logo-retina

Disclaimer: We received this product for review purposes, however all opinions and are my own.

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  • shannel

    This one looks very durable. If only they have one which prevents Kodi from licking our pad. ehehheeh. Nice review love. Hugs and kisses!

    24 August, 2015 at 1:43 am Reply
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