2 November, 2016

Brightlings – Review

Brightlings toy from Spin Master

brightlings toy

Here’s another Spin Master  toy that, I think would go down well on Santa’s Sleigh for Christmas.  It’s an interactive plush toy that repeats what you say, sing and say over 100 words. The more you play with it the phrases will be unlocked, like placing her in new positions.


Brightlings toy features three different modes: Music, Record and Play. Music has: pop, rock, jazz, opera, yodel, and beat box.  The record feature repeats anything you say.  It changes her pitch by tilting her from side to side. You can’t miss the  animated facial expressions too as the face lights up and the mouth looks like it’s  moving when she talks.

brightlings doll review


You can’t knock the Brightlings looks.  She’s a super cute plush toy. We have the purple and pink colour with a very trendy look.  Olivia loves it.  She was more impressed when she pressed the hands which activates the modes.  I have attached a video below for her impression and review.

We have Brightlings for two weeks now, Olivia have had a good fun playing with it.  She calls it “Bright Brightlings”, being the only child in the house, she enjoys interactive toys- like any kids do. We haven’t unlocked all the words and phrases yet, but every new word we hear is a little surprise which invites more play time.

Brightlings  requires 3 AAA batteries which is included and that’s a thumbs up for me not having to chase around looking for batteries that tend to go its wanders all the time or the small screw drivers to open the other toys to take batteries out! It happens, right?

The doll’s size is also reasonable, not too big or too small. It fits perfectly in a normal size kid’s back pack when out and about and not too bulky carrying it around for walks.

Most of us parents are aware of toys that repeats what you say, some cannot bare the noise. I am one for other toys, but I am more forgiving for Brightlings.  Her voice is not annoying. You can’t adjust the volume, but it doesn’t matter as it’s not very loud anyway and much more friendly and sweet voice.  At the end of the day, Olivia is having fun with it and that’s what  matter for me.

I find it helpful too when Olivia is in a moody fit. You know that time when  they are in a proper mood and hard to cheer them up?  I get Brightlings to say some silly words to change that moody fit to a right laughing fit!


Brightlings in action

Spin Master did a good job for this. Brightlings is definitely a very enjoyable toy and I would highly recommend if to Santa’s list. I have included an Amazon link below:

Disclosure: We received this product for review purposes, however all opinions and are my own.

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