24 June, 2013


Hi!  Thank you for stopping by.

My name is Melody. I was promoted from being an Export Manager in an Engineering Company to a high ranking Cuddle Machine and Kiss ouches away of my Boss Toddler, Olivia.  A wife to a tickle monster with a dry sense of humour.  I am from a place where the sun shone the brightest, where heating and tumble drier doesn’t exist.  A place where, we run rice in our blood system.

I met the tickle monster in Thailand, lived there for 9 years and that’s where Olivia was born.  TM and Olivia came back in the UK in September 2012. I couldn’t come due to work and visa issue.  Olivia was only fourteen months old that time … I was in doldrums.  That’s when I started this blog. My first blog post was out of sorts, I didn’t know what I was thinking. I was writing out of tune.

After four months, Olivia and TM came back  to me. TM and I got married in Hong Kong and we head off to Germany and lived there for nine months.  Long enough for hubsy to exercise his freedom of movement in the EU and thanks to the  European Economic Area (EEA) Family Permit, we are all now in the UK  living a normal British life…totally opposite from what I have used to but, plucky enough to face the riveting ride.  It was one hell of a trek!


 I blog about our travels and out and abouts . We love all that especially the inexpensive travels. But, I am more into the crafts and activities I get to share with the Boss Toddler.  We paint each other’s faces and jump crazy on the bed.

I am always up for a good laugh and a chat.  *Pouring some wine and more wine*.  But, I respond better with a good cup of coffee.

Do give me a shout and high fives with me on twitter @domesstique

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