8 December, 2016

Magformers Construction Kit- Educational Value + Review

magformers uk review

October- half term, we went to London to see the Kidtropolis event. One of the brands that caught our attention is Magformers. It’s a hit as there so many people at their booth. All of them want to see this amazing magnetic construction toys.

We tried the Magformers 30 piece Construction Set which includes; 12 triangles and 18 squares with lovely colours.

This is one of those toys that, I can turn into a right kid in a playgroup pestering the other kids if I can have a go with their toys. It is literally like that!

Magformers have different sets to choose from depending on the age of the child. The 30 Piece construction set we got sent was a good starting kit to build something and the ideas are endless.  From constructing 3D shape objects to building your imaginations to life.  It’s a good investment to get the other sets as you go along.


This toy is  robust and made to last, something you will see in the attic in the coming years. Working and still of good form even when kids are all grown up. It’s not something you have to worry that it break and split.


It’s not the cheapest, but you’re paying for a good quality, educational and perfect for little builders.

Educational Value

This is a very intriguing toy. Apart from being able to make things, it brought in so many subjects to talk about and learn. The educational value is very high. Olivia asked what is magnet.  Since then, we have been learning about magnetism- the generation of magnetic force. The attraction of north pole to south pole up to why some magnet repel each other. That alone was an interesting subject to learn for a 5-year-old.

Olivia found out that her Margformers shapes stick on her whiteboard. I told her to try on the radiator and fridge. This then brought up a topic to add like; which materials attracted to magnets. Finding some things around the house to check which objects are attracted to magnets; paper clips, daddy’s belt buckle, jar lids, door handles and many more.

With some basic understanding of magnetism, Olivia find it more exciting to play with her Magformers set and getting more creative with it. She made a ball and I told her it’s like the earth.  That earth is a ginormous magnet. That the core of the earth is mostly made up with iron. I can talk about this for hours, but I will leave you with compass to explore the world of magnets. 🙂

magformers uk

Magformers in Action!

Disclosure: We received this product for review purposes, however all opinions and are my own.

7 December, 2016

Simple Living – Minimalist and Unique Gift Guide

I am in for anything simple. Nothing too complicated and all that jazz. Handmade, artisan is up my street and supporting Fairtrade.  If, I have such talent and time to make handmade presents for everyone, then I would.  But, I am nowhere there so, I prefer to give out something simple-not so much going on, personalised, handmade and artisan products.

I am sure, I am not alone. If you know someone along this line, here’s a gift guide that will surely rock their boat. Fingers crossed that Santa will be reading this too, hey?

Jord Watch – Gorgeous wood watch and works like a treat. Perfection is the word. Jord sent me one to sport this Christmas and I am already over the moon.

Jord Watch

Picks from my favourite shop for anything handmade, artisan and boho products- Ian Snow.  This company is responsible for bringing in all this gorgeousness to us. What’s not to love about Fairtrade, hey?  Every time, I get to visit their shop, I literally don’t want to leave. Everything is made by such great artistic skills all over the world.

**Photo credits to Ian Snow (For Ian Snow Products)

YORUBA 100% LAMBS WOOL SCARF – The best thing about this time of the year is we all need scarf, but not just like any other scarf. This one is  100 percent lambs wool and looks elegant, hand finished all the way from Kolkata, India.


OCTAGONAL GLASS & BRASS TERRARIUM– In a world of cactus trend, we know the score – terrarium is a must have. This one is handmade all the way from New Delhi, India.


TWO-TONE CERAMIC MUG –  This rustic look beauty is all the way from Honduras. I love the natural colour and texture of this mug. Perfect for colder days.

GOLD FOIL AND NATURAL ROUND JUTE RUG – Another one from Noida, India. If you’re feeling generous, imagine a natural jute with swirl of gold around the outside? That’s my perfect kind of rug. Perfect for wooden floor. Santa, please if you’re reading this? I have been good.


PAPYRUS METEORITE VASE – The primitive sgraffito design technique applied revealed that simplicity and beauty.

primitive sgraffito design

GattiShop on Etsy is also making beautiful pieces that is perfect for minimalist, simple living or anyone that appreciates handmade products.

Scandi Ceramic Egg Cups – set of 4  lovely pieces that is not just as egg cups or egg holders, but also perfect as trinket/ring dishes.

**Photo credits to Gattishop


30 November, 2016

Digital Detox with Punkt – Time to Log Off

Digital Detox with Punkt – Time to Log Off


Time to Log Off

Technology and internet is good, I must admit.  It makes things easier. Well, that if I compare it to the developing countries that I have been and lived.  I am talking about my technology experience here in the UK that technology has moved on so much and taking over almost of our day to day lives. We can do so much without seeing someone face to face or queuing in an office or establishments to make transactions ie; banking system, doctor’s appointment, shopping and that is only a few of so many uses of it.

I blog and I am constantly on a social media. I do my business through emails and phone calls. Being away from my home country, internet is a god send.  I can speak and see my family through internet and see what my friends are up to through social media. I shop online and even get my groceries online. Internet is part of my day to day life.

But, where does internet leads us with the people around us? You see the irony there? I can see and continue my good relationship with families and friends away from me but, how about the people around me? Internet could turn things into a different way. It could turn badly, but I am not in a good position to lecture about that. I am terrible myself.

So, I  collaborated with Time to Log Off and Punkt Project for two days Digital Detox challenge. I did the challenge last week- Friday 25-26th November 2016. This is a dry run for being offline for Christmas and Boxing Day.  Soak in that moment and spend time with family and people around you. Your presence is the present.

Digital Detox

Family time for me is very important.  I love doing things and being outdoors with Olivia. When husband is home, we sit and watch TV/movies and have a good laugh. BUT. There is a downside of me being a blogger too. As I mentioned above, I am constantly on my phone or laptop. You know the game.


My Digital Detox package arrived Friday morning which includes a new Punkt MP01 phone and some things that would give me something to do during those times when I am supposed to be online. Punkt MP01 phone is taking you back to basic, but with a funky looking phone. No  internet access. No camera and not even a snake game.
Living by the woodlands, our phone signal could be funny at times and Punkt Phone finally registered to the network like after lunch. No wifi calling. Just like the old days, you put your phone on the window sill to get a network to receive phone calls and text messages.

I was up for the challenge and even extend my digital detox until Monday mid-day.  I took Olivia to her Performing Arts club on Saturday while husband and I enjoyed a walk at the Christmas market. We had coffee with a proper conversation without me being rude checking my mobile phone’s notifications from social media.

Husband drove us down to the fishing port for a little wander and before we head home, we stopped at the city to see the Christmas lights. Same in the evening at home. I finally watched the whole movie with my husband without flicking through my phone.



Sunday, I grabbed my camera and took Olivia to the woods- braving the cold and did our home learning on our favourite spot.


your-presence-is-the-present-challenge time-to-log-off

Monday, I dropped Olivia at school and had a breakfast date with my husband before he goes off to work in London. I then went for a walk to burn some calories off.


I must say, it’s been a productive good two and a half day. Although, we normally go out and about on weekends, but this time is a lot more special. We spent time together without any disruptions. I also finished some of my DIY Christmas decor and made Olivia’s Advent Calendar. Internet and technologies are good when used properly and timely manner.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times that I feel like my hands are itching to grab my phone or go on my laptop, but by making yourself busy, it will get easy in the end. I felt refreshed and I realised how important it is for me as a blogger to schedule my blog posts and set a time when to go on social media. So, when everyone is home, it will be just spending time with them. Of course, there will be sneaky Pinteresting sometimes. Sshh 😉

Yes, we are moving forwards. The world is moving forwards with internet and technologies. Ask yourself if you need a Time To Log Off? I do.  I can only speak from my own experience. Now and again, I need a time away from it all where family time is all about socialising, have a laugh and making memories.

As for Christmas and Boxing Day, I think, it is safe for me to say that “Presence is the Present”. This will be our first Christmas that it’s just the three of us and I want it to be a memorable one. We will be seeing and Skype*ing everyone else before or after Christmas. See you then, Punkt MP01 phone.


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with Punkt Time and To Log Off .


29 November, 2016

Frosty Morning


Two weeks ago, it snowed but only on the top hills and we only got some hails. This morning though, we got up  with heavy frost on the ground – looking very wintery. Looking through the windows with beautiful scenery. Oh, I love frosty mornings.


Olivia and I had breakfast in bed, another cuddles then jump off the bed to get ready for school.   I let her go outside to play. She checked if the streams are frozen, but it didn’t; picked some frozen leaves and showed it to me.

It’s a big deal for me as mornings could be a little crazy sometimes. You know when you get up a little late, kids eating very slowly and maybe gone off playing instead of brushing their teeth and get dressed?  I’ve had those moments, but it’s not Olivia’s fault. It’s mine. Working or watching TV till late in the evening and end up getting too tired to get up in the morning. I have myself to blame really.

So, this time. I am trying my best to manage my time (which I am terrible at) and get up early. Appreciate a lovely morning and we have time for a little wander at the woods.  Start a lovely morning and have a lovely day rather than a stressy one. I will get there.

domesstique frosty-morning

29 November, 2016

Toys Gift Guide for 4 yeard old and over 2016

Over the year, we have been lucky to review some cool toys from the world of toys.  As Christmas is around the corner, I know that Santa could do a little bit of help from us in choosing the perfect Christmas presents that we know every little and not so littles would love to see under the Christmas tree. These toys were the ones we reviewed and tested and lots of fun and creativity has been made.

Sing My Name Personalised Music Player


How do you fancy a music player with personalised songs for you? You can also put other songs too.

Sing My Name Personalised Alarm Clock


Personalised Alarm clock for sleepy heads. It goes off with your name to wake you up.

Furby Connect :



The come back of Furby. A lot better and a lot more fun.

Glow Art Board


Draw your imagination, watch it animate in the dark with delightful colours.

Brightlings from Spin Master


Chatty and fun little thing. It talks, copy what you’re  saying and sing.


Spin Master Pottery Cool Studio


Get your hand on clay and create something beautiful.

Viewed 6500+ and growing on our YouTube Channel



This for all of you Batman fanatics. Little and not so little. What’s not to love about this?



Get them kids giggle and jumping up joy with this toy hamster.



Kinetic Sand Build

One for creativity and imagination. No mess sand play. I even want more of these too.



Interplay Fairy Garden Review

Little ones would love a fairy garden too right? Sprinkle the fairy seeds and watch the real grass grow in the coming weeks.




hot dots

Wicked uncle Toys do have a fantastic elves making great toys. Check them out!




turtle fun

The Enchanted Ball Game



The Trickin Camel Game











myStyle Dreamcatcher Jewellery kit



Construction Toys


The the imagination and building block into another whole level up! Kids loves boxes and this one is just perfect!

gigi bloks uk



Who doesn’t love magnetic toys? But, this one is not just simply magnetic but, you can build TONS from so many sets to choose from. I want them all, trust me.



23 November, 2016

Learning with 4M Kidz Labs Doorbell Making Kit

4M Kidz Labs Doorbell Making Kit

Olivia is off school today due to being unwell. It’s that day again that you’re stuck at home looking after a poorly child and outside is pouring down rain. It’s a tricky situation, right?  Thankfully, we have a Kidz Labs Doorbell Making Kit from Great Gizmos to try.

Again, this fiddly for a five-year-old. There are no bright colours that appeals their attention.  The screws are too small for her little fingers, but that’s the challenging part. From doing the GREAT GIZMOS MONEY SAFE BOX, Olivia has shown so much interest in making things and helping me examine on how they work.  Completely opposite to her normal arts and crafts activities.


Educational side

This is another toy that is suitable for eight years old and above.  As you notice with some of the toys that we get to review, I don’t really mind them as long I am doing it with Olivia.  With the Great Gizmos kid’s gadgets, I am more interested in educational side of it and doing it as an activity together.

The process of making the doorbell was exciting and I am even more into it. Olivia and I have learned the names of the parts of the kit. I came across with other terms before, but they tend to be forgotten as not being part of my daily life.  It’s nice to refresh and even learn new things.

We talked about electromagnetism as well as electric circuits and Olivia thinks it’s exciting. She learned some new words that maybe kids her age doesn’t know yet. I am sure that they have heard these words before, but just did not know what it means or maybe doesn’t interest them like:

  • coil
  • copper wire
  • electric circuit
  • electromagnetic
  • magnetic striker
  • screw
  • washer screw
  • washer

Integrating the kit into our learning much more exciting. It covers reading new tricky words and remembering  the spellings too. It covers Maths- counting the parts and most importantly is to follow instructions to make things work.

One inexpensive toy that you get to build it with your child.  They can actually use for their bedroom or playhouse. Simple as that without realising you’re making memories too.


Disclosure: We were sent this product for review purposes. However, all opinions, photographs and video are my own.

22 November, 2016

Great Gizmos Money Safe Box -Review

great gizmos money safe box

We set ourselves in a great challenge recently with Great Gizmos.

Great Gizmos offers a wide range of toys; from soft toys, educational, arts and crafts to outdoor toys. Party bags even. So, when they asked us to test one of their spy kits for kids –4M Spy Science Alarmed Safe Bank . The challenge is on! This toy is geared up for 8 years old and over, but; I honestly don’t see any reason not to have a go with it as long as I am doing it with her.

So mummy can’t take my money

Because, sometimes…mummy can’t help herself. Let’s admit it, we sometimes secretly take those coins that we gave our kids already, right? Well, I say “I’ll borrow it” but, can you count how much I’ve borrowed? I am glad there is no interest. Cheeky mums! Ha.

You have to build your own super secure money safe box by connecting a buzz alarm circuit and dial lock. Apart from a (AA) battery and a screw driver, your kit is ready for you to build. Pretty cool for kid’s gadget.
We do love our science activities, but connecting circuits is new for me and Olivia.  There is a simple to follow instructions included, but I still need some time to figure things out – (that’s typical for me anyway).

Olivia being only five years old, I was a little bit worried that this too much for her or that I must make more effort for her concentration to stay with the activity. I was surprised that it did turn out well, she is more than excited to see what is going to be the next part and how certain things works.

Connecting the alarm circuit and get it right the first time was so exciting – I couldn’t be more proud of ourselves. It might not be the easiest activity, but there is so much to learn. The process was fiddly for a five-year-old and even for a mummy, but when you like making things; you’ll find it really exciting. There is a feeling of accomplishment afterwards.


Do watch us in action, you’ll know what I mean. There is a little struggle, but that how things are, right?  Now, Olivia’s money is safe from the culprit! That’s the thing, I can’t borrow from her when she is around anyway. She did hide the key but, again I have the spare key and I know the pin number.

Good fun and cool piece of gadget!


Disclosure: We were sent this product for review purposes. However, all opinions, photographs and video are my own.

15 November, 2016



Few months ago, I reviewed the MYSTYLE DREAMCATCHER JEWELLERY KIT from Interplay UK. This time, it’s time for you to have a chance to have one so you can make your own dream catcher too. Perfect activity for the kids when stuck at home in cold winter days. Of course, perfect Christmas stocking filler too.

Terms and Conditions Apply.

Good luck!



10 November, 2016

Dear Furby – Furby Connect Review

Dear Furby,


“To furb or not to furb. That’s the question.” – Furby

I would like to welcome you to our family.  You are my daughter’s first Furby. The closest Furby she got before was the one in a kiddy meal box from one popular food chain.  That was plain plastic and doesn’t do anything. This time, we got you.  A soft and fluffy Furby Connect Pink.

You’re very new to us, I’ve heard all about your previous family generation, but I never get to meet any of them.  Your big beady eyes got me.  I know you will be bringing lots of fun.  I heard, you’re chatty and funny- you’re a perfect match to Olivia.

After unboxing you, I put 4 x AA batteries to power you up and boy you went off talking like we know each other for ages. You came to life.  You spoke English mixed with Furbish language. Olivia and I burst with laughter.  High fives from another bilingual family.


Clever you

You are going on with the flow of electronic generation, enabled with Bluetooth to connect to tablets or smart phones. We get to hatch eggs and collect over 60 super cute Furby babies called Furblings in the app.  We help you look after them; pet, feed, clean and heal them when they are poorly to level up. You even narrate stories to your Furblings in the theatre. Olivia’s favourite was the My Little Pony one. Of course, every Furby Connect owner will put up taking you to the toilet and flush it for you. We don’t mind so, don’t worry.

Happy little chap you are. That’s Olivia thinks you’re a boy. Although you get scared sometimes, but you are always in for fun.  You like being tickled, lift upside down, you do a funny dance move too. But when your tail get pulled? We’re in for trouble! You’ll fart and say something like a sign of relief.  You occasionally burp too, this had us in stitches. You always say something in the end, I hope it means “pardon me“.  Let’s not forget our manners.

Sleepy head


The handy sleeping mask you brought with you is the coolest thing that Hasbro packed in your box. This means  that you’ll be sleeping when everybody else is sleeping and when we all want a quiet time. You call it “power nap”, then snore at the very beginning and off to your dream world.  We find it cute when we wake you up and you say “Woo! I dream about you” with Furbish accent.

Oh please, please

You got us, Furby.  You know that phrase you keep saying “To furb or not to Furb? That is the the question.”  The answer is to Furb. I don’t know exactly what you mean, but I hope it’s a good thing. We are Furb*ed and it is a good fun. If, I get to be asked one wish for Christmas, I would say Oh please, oh please Santa will give all the Furby fans a Furby Connect. 

Furby in Action



Disclosure: You were sent to us as a new addition in our world of toys for review purposes. However, all opinions and photographs are my own.

9 November, 2016

Self love plus photography


Do I love myself, you ask? Yes, I do. Of course! That’s a typical answer isn’t it? But, do I? I am talking about doing things for myself, looking after myself like; going to the gym, exercise or just a little walk to start with.

When Olivia is at school and if I need dragging for an exercise or a walk, then be my guest.  One day, I am up for it and most of the days, I am just blah. Stuck on my blogging desk, do some work or just dive into the world of laziness. “I will go for a walk tomorrow.” That old boring old story and that “tomorrow” never came. Nothing happen.  That’s because, no one drags me and because I have no motivation.

It’s hard to find that motivation especially when nothing really inspires you. Sometimes, I actually feel like, I am living in my own bubble. No care in the world as long as I am there for my daughter, my family is happy and content and that what matters. ME. My self will come later. Most of the time being forgotten. I don’t do things for myself because, we are okay. Now and again, I will go shopping or go out with a friend for a coffee and that’s about it.

That’s unhealthy right? Do I really need to wait I get unwell before starting something? No. I came to a decision to start little by little. A little walk to start with and pair it with something I love. Something that will encourage me to walk more. It’s photography. I am packing my camera ( a mobile phone will do just fine too) and take it with me for a walk.

I have done some walks on my own where, I have my camera with me but, just taking random photos that grabs my attention.  That’s fine. This time, I did a little test of finding a THEME for my walk.


That’s right. I was searching for something red that I can photograph. You know that walk that went into miles? That walk became fun. That walk became productive. That walk was a self love.

self-love-walk-reds self-motivation

Maybe it works for me because I blog and that I can showcase my photos on the blog? There is that, but you can do it even without a blog. You may have Facebook or Instragram to showcase your photos or some sort of journal and that’s fine.

This might not happen every day. It’s weather dependant or I can’t blog it every day, but slowly…little steps we will get there.

Don’t forget to give me shout if you’re doing the same and what’s your theme?

walk-motivation walk